Toyo Kitchen Review

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Tucked away on Baldwin Street, Toyo Kitchen is a modest, cosy Japanese restaurant with an easily missable black store front. There’s no sign above the door, but the words ‘Toyo Kitchen’ are scrawled on the window in white pen. If you aren’t looking particularly hard, it could easily pass you by. Inside, though, Toyo Kitchen […]

Dunkirk and the Way We Film War

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It may be true that war never changes, but the way we film it just has. For about as long as cinema has existed, war has been a favourite choice of subject matter for film-makers. As early as 1915, D. W. Griffith created one of the first ever war epics with The Birth of a […]

Dissatisfied Art in Post-Slavery Bristol

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On 09 March 2015, the ‘Down with Rhodes’ movement began in the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Its aim? To tear down a statue commemorating Cecil Rhodes – a British politician, colonialist and diamond magnate who believed that Anglo-Saxons were inherently superior to those of different colour. The statue was torn down a month later, […]

The Importance of Ambience

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The start of 2017 saw the release of a new Brian Eno ambient project entitled Reflection. It’s a sparse, minimalist soundscape which sprawls out over 54 minutes, reminiscent of his 1985 work Thursday Afternoon. This seems like an opportunity to discuss the role which ambient music can play in developing an effective method of stress […]